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Ethiopian maid leaps to her death in south Lebanon | News , Lebanon News | THE DAILY STAR

Ethiopian maid leaps to her death in south Lebanon | News , Lebanon News | THE DAILY STAR.

BEIRUT: An Ethiopian maid was killed Monday after jumping off the balcony of her employer’s house in south Lebanon in an apparent suicide, media reports said.

A graphic image showing the picture of the young woman was circulated on social media in the aftermath of the alleged suicide in the southern village of Zrarieh.

The circumstances of the maid’s death were vague. Future TV said woman was 20 years old, and that she jumped from the second floor of the building.

Numerous local and international organizations have established projects to try to protect migrant workers in Lebanon who face widespread abuse lack basic rights, according to human rights organizations.

The incident came two weeks after a migrant domestic worker was found hanged, and another jumped off the balcony of her employer’s home in Beirut but survived.

A week before that, another maid leapt to her death in southern Lebanon.

The incident comes less than a week after a maid leapt to her death in south Lebanon.

About 200,000 foreign domestic workers work in Lebanon under the much-criticized sponsorship system, which bounds the maid to the employer.

Human Rights Watch and other organizations have called on Lebanese authorities to address the “high levels of abuse and deaths” of maids in the country.

HRW in 2008 recorded an average of one maid death a week in Lebanon by unnatural causes, including suicides.

Ethiopia to implement human rights action plan

Ethiopia to implement human rights action plan

Source: www.ertagov.com

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn disclosed on Friday that the government is undertaking various activities to ensure human and democratic rights in Ethiopia.

The Premier made the remark on a consultative forum held on Ethiopian National Human Rights Action Plan (NHRAP) held at UNECA.

The NHRAP aims at strengthening a better implementation of human and democratic rights as stipulated in the Constitution. It is noted that the Action Plan would enable a coordinated implementation of activities by various government bodies.

Prime Minister Hailemariam said the government has been undertaking various activities over the past two decades to ensure human and democratic rights. He said the Action Plan would help to address gaps in good governance that has been a challenge in fully ensuring human and democratic rights.

Minister of Justice Getachew Ambaye for his part said the necessary structure is in place at federal and regional levels to implement the Action Plan. He also noted that an office of NHRAP was organized and went operational under the Ministry of Justice to oversee the process.

UN Resident Coordinator in Ethiopia Eugene Owusu for his part commended Ethiopia for preparing the NHRAP to undertake consistent work on human rights side by side with its speedy economic development. He also assured the support of his Organisation for the fruitful implementation of the Action Plan.

International Trade and Human Rights: An Unfinished Debate

Source: The German Law Journal

International Trade and Human Rights: An Unfinished Debate

Abadir M. Ibrahim

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A.  Introduction

We are living in a world in which the moral legitimacy of cultures, religions, ideologies, and the practices of states, international organizations, and even corporations is being measured against human rights norms.  The moral significance of and practical respect for human rights has grown so much that human rights have been described as a global religion,  and a new standard for civilization.   International trade, a popular and much debated issue of our time, is one of those phenomena that is currently being measured against the standards of human rights.  Leading experts remain divided about whether global trade is good or bad for human rights.  There are those who are utterly convinced that the world trade regime has a mutual basis with human rights and see potential in the growth of one as a positive sign for the other.   There are also those who, on the other hand, are equally convinced that human rights and international trade regimes are in a relationship of enmity.

One should, however, conceive of the relationship between world trade and human rights as, fundamentally, a relationship in tension, but also as a relationship in which that tension can be significantly minimized through accommodation, convergence, and inter-penetration.  It is conceivable that solutions that are acceptable to the majority of political participants in the international community can be reached even where the two regimes—human rights and free trade—clash.  This comment argues that the relationship between human rights and international trade is not, and should not be viewed as, a zero-sum game in which one’s gain is necessarily the other’s loss.  The comment begins with an explanation of the core tension between the two regimes and goes on to explain, or at least make a proposal for, how this tension could be negotiated…





We, The peoples of the Amhara National Regional State:-

Having been desirous to do away with the negative impact hindering our overall development which the age old oppressive system had for long imposed upon us by cruelly support essaying our human and democratic rights and thereby exposing us all to the scourge of poverty and backwardness as a result unjustified economic and social policies in place;

Being dully convinced  of the fact that we had for long been victims of an unbearable harm caused to us directly or indirectly to an atrocious national oppression which had to be committed in the past on and against the majority of our country’s nation-nationalities and peoples, and henceforth needs to e corrected and rectified hereafter:

Cognizant of the fact that it would be beneficial to an acceleration of our mutual development, Now that our country Ethiopia, stands to be a federal democratic republic, wherein human and democratic rights of individuals as well as Nation- Nationalities and peoples including the right to self-determination up to secession are fully respected and in general the rule of low prevails, once the formerly suppressive and backward system has been uprooted due to the heroic struggle undergone for the ages on the part of all our country’s’ Nation-Nationalities and peoples;

Having firmly believed that, we, the peoples, settling in the Amhara National Regional State, would be able to attain rapid economic growth, durable peace and fullfledged democracy, only when we do mange to possess our own constitution founded on the spirit of the constitution of the Federal DemocraticRrepublic of Ethiopia, taking into account the concrete circumstances of our regional state and thereby enabling us to exercise our constitutional rights dully respected thereto fully and unrestrictedly;

Recalling that, dependent on the above noted background, we had deliberated upon and adopted the regional constitution which has, to this day, been in effect for the very first time on the 22nd day of June 1995 through the agency of our representatives elected from amongst us in a direct participation and democratic manner and sent to the founding congress of the regional council; and thereby the same regional constitution in force /as amended beforehand / deserves tobe, after a deep and thorough examination, revised and promulgated in such a way as to incorporate and exhibit an efficient governmental organization accountable to the electorate and strictly following transparent working procedures to the extent of the requirements demanded by the state of affairs which we are in at the moment;

Now, therefore, have hereby approved the whole text with an undivided vote, to day, on the 5th day of November 2001 in the third regular secession of the regional council held here in Bahir dar, after having thoroughly deliberated upon the revised constitution and deeply examined its specific articles, whose initial draft had to be prepared and submitted to us by the body designated as such for the purpose,


Some visitors asked me to post the TRANSITIONAL PERIOD CHARTER OF ETHIOPIA. You can download it here.

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No. 1

WHEREAS the overthrow of the military dictatorship that has ruled Ethiopia for seventeen years presents a historical moment, providing the Peoples of Ethiopia with the opportunity to rebuild the country and restructure the slate democratically;

WHEREAS the military dictatorship was, in essence, a continuation of the previous regimes and its demise marks the end of an era of subjugation and oppression thus starting a new chapter in Ethiopian history in which freedom, equal rights and  self determination of all the peoples shall be the governing principles of (political, economic and social life and thereby contributing to the welfare of the Ethiopian Peoples and rescuing them from centuries of subjugation and backwardness;

WHEREAS peace and stability, as essential conditions of development, require the end of all hostilities, the healing of wounds caused by conflicts and the establishment and maintenance of good neighborliness and cooperation;

WHEREAS for the fulfillment of the aforementioned conditions and for the reign of a just peace, the proclamation of democratic order is a categorical imperative, and;

WHEREAS to thi5 end, all institutions of repression installed by the previous regimes shall be dismantled, regional prejudices redressed and the rights and interests of the deprived citizens safeguarded by a democratic government elected by  and accountable to the People:

WHEREAS from the peace loving and democratic forces present in the Ethiopian  society and having varied views,  having met in a Conference convened from July 1-5 in ADDIS ABABA, have discussed and approved The Charter laying dawn the rules governing The Transitional Government n» well as setting down the principles for the transitional period,

NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby proclaimed as follows: