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New 2011-12 (2004 E.C.) Proclmations

Proclamation No.720-2011 Ethiopian Federal Police Commission establishment

Proclamation No. 721-2011 Urban Land Lease Proclamation

Proclamation No. 722-2011 Instruments Amending the Constitution and Convention of the
International Telecommunication Union Ratification Proclamation

Proclamation No 723-2011 Definition of Powers and Duties of the Executive Organs of
the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (Amendment) Proclamation

Proclamation No. 724-2011 Export Import Bank of China Concessional Loan Agreement to Provide Loan for Financing the Bole Ring Road Round About- Meskel Square Road Project Ratification Proclamation Agreement

Proclamation No. 725-2011  International Development Association Additional Financing Agreement for Irrigation and Drainage Project Ratification Proclamation

Proclamation No.726-2011 International Development Association Additional Financing Agreement for the Urban Local Government Development Project Ratification Proclamation

Proclamation No. 727-2011 Statute of the International Renewable Energy Agency Ratification Proclamation

Proclamation No. 728-2011 Veterinary Drug and Feed Administration and Control Proclamation

Proclamation No. 729-2012 Sports Facilities Administration Proclamation

Maritime Sector Administration Proclamation No. 549/2007



WHEREAS, it is imperative to improve and expand the maritime sector in an organized manner to provide an enhanced and smooth service, considering the crucial importance of existence of efficient maritime sector for a country’s development and prosperity;

WHEREAS, it is essential to use modern means and techniques to administer dry ports , marine transport multimodal transport services and regulate vessels and marine transport and other maritime services, and to make use of inland water ways for transportation, and

WHEREAS, it is necessary to establish a Government body reporting directly to Ministry of Transport and Communication, which assumes maritime-related duties currently carried out by various Government bodies to date; becomes responsible for analyses and work out of maritime related issues; and is responsible for follow up and execution of obligations and rights of our country under international maritime conventions ;

NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55 Continue reading “Maritime Sector Administration Proclamation No. 549/2007”


Federal Negarit Gazeta is the official federal government law Gazette for the publication of all Federal laws.

According to 2.1. it is published under the Umbrella of the House of Peoples’ Representatives.  Under the Umbrella? I am not sure what this means. The proclamation is silent as to the specific roles of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, from the time of approval of the bill in the house to printing and distribution. Who determines the price,  for instance? Currently, Negarit Gazetta is sold only in Addis Ababa (by Berhanena Selam Printing Press.) And remember! in most of the cases a law adopted by parliament becomes effective and binding upon “its publication in the Negarit Gazetta” not on the first day it is officially sold and distributed to the public.

Berhanena Selam Printing Press does not make any official statement regarding the exact date the negarit gazetta will be made accessible to the public.  The  public will be able to know that a law has been published and become legally effective as far as there is an ‘official release.’

In the absence of such official statement, what you have to do is this: keep going to the printing press and politely ask whether “the new law is out!”?  Do this every day until you become lucky. Personally, that is the strategy I use to stay updated.  In this way, I think I will be the first one to get the published text of the much-talked about Urban Lease Proclamation. One minor obstacle is that I don’t live in Addis.

Still that might not be a serious problem to my great endeavor of knowing the law. At least within a difference of one week, it is not difficult for me to get some one going to Addiss.  So I depend on ‘good guys’! and everyone is cooperative.

Given these typical inconveniences on a typical citizen, the law of  “Ignorance of Law” should be a little bit amended in this manner.

  • Ignorance of Law is not an Excuse if You are living in Addis
  • Ignorance of Law is may be an Excuse if You are living outside Addis

Lon Fuller in his book the Morality of law, describes the justification why laws should be easily made accessible to the public.

Even if only one man in a hundred takes the pains to inform himself concerning, say, the laws applicable to the practice of his calling, this is enough to justify the trouble taken to make the laws generally  available

Here follows the text of the THE FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZETA Establishment Proclamation No.3/1995. Continue reading “THE FEDERAL NEGARIT GAZETA”