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The Construction Industry Registration Proclamation (Draft)

The Draft Proclamation is prepared by:

Ministry of Urban Development and Construction

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Telephone: 0115-531688/ 0115-531672/ 0115-157952

Fax: 0115541268

P.O.Box:- 24134/1000

E-mail: gofekassahun@yahoo.com

Website: www.mwud.gov.et

The Construction Industry Registration Draft Proclamation (English) DOWNLOAD

The Construction Industry Registration Draft Proclamation (Amharic) DOWNLOAD

Housing Scheme Registration Directive (የቤት ፈላጊዎች እና ዳግሞ ተመዝጋቢዎች ምዝገባ መመሪያ)

The registration process for the new Housing Scheme is now officially open. According to announcement made by Addis Abeba Housing Development & Administration Agency, registration for 10/90 and the 20/80 projects will be from June 10 to June 28 and registration for 40/60 project will be from August 12 to August 23. The registration for association will be conducted from July 23 to August 6.

The registration process and other related details are to be governed by a new directive issued by the Addis Ababa Administration Cabinet. Government officials have been giving explanation about this directive on state media.

You can download this directive on the link below.

Click HERE to download:

የአዲስ  አበባ  ከተማ  አስተዳደር  የቤት  ፈላጊዎች  እና  ዳግሞ  ተመዝጋቢዎች  ምዝገባ  መመሪያ  ቁጥር  2/2005

Housing Scheme Registration Directive



The standard conditions contract a general contract binding on all contractors engaged in civil work projects. The terms and conditions are commonly applicable to all contractors and are not subject to variation through contractual dealings between the parties.  The current conditions of contract is issued by the Ministry of works and urban development. The standard conditions govern matters like the responsibility of the contractor, powers and duties of the consultant/engineer and detailed procedures for effective performance of the contract according to the technical specifications. It also provides general rules regarding materials workmanship, general time provisions for commencement of work and delays, modification of contract, time and mode of payment for work done by the contractor etc..

DOWNLOAD    General Conditions of Contract, MoWUD