12 thoughts on “Exit Exam (Re-exam) Question papers: Public Laws”

  1. i tray many times to down load all the questions of Re Exit exams and the recent regular exit exam papers especially exam papers from the years of 2007-2009 E.C., but i didn’t get any question regarding the which i mentioned them. so Mr Abraham, i would like to notify you to address all the above questions and to attach them your Web sites. thank you for your active participation in such like constructive information.


    2014-11-06 12:12 GMT-08:00 Ethiopian Legal Brief :

    > Abrham Yohannes posted: “National Educational Assessment and > Examinations Agency (NEAEA) National Exit Examination for LL.B Programme > Students of Ethiopian Law Schools Academic Year 2014 Part I: Public Laws > DOWNLOAD”

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