18 thoughts on “Index to Cassation Deisions Volume 15”

  1. thank u ; it’s a great job that would enable the legal scholars & others to update legal issues. keep it up

  2. Hi, Abrish , you are doing great things that i cant imagine. Your effort is something more appreciated . Thanks for all.
    Finally, i am very eager to have proc.no. 813/2013. Please if it is possible send me this proc.
    Many thanks , early replay is more appreciated !!!

  3. dear mr Abereham yohaness .thank you very much iam your regular folower.keep it up on updating legal cases in ethiopia.and iam also waiting for labor case on superim court ( sebre descion.
    thanks in Advance

  4. Dear Abereham yohannes and your staff,I thank you very much for all what you are doing to update our knowledge of the law and for adressing the legal scholars and other people of Ethiopia to have uniformity in decition making in the same court for the same cases.Furthermore,your contribution has vital role for showing existance of predictability in the application of Ethiopian Law.So keep it up !   Bezuayehu Taye(2014 graduate of Law from AAU)   Best regards, 


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